Shonda Rhimes and Feminism

I have a confession: I am forty-four and I still watch Grey’s Anatomy. I haven’t missed an episode since it aired. And now that I have cancelled cable and rely on Netflix for my shows, I spend the last hour of … Continue reading

20 Images of Courageous Women

20 images of courageous women Continue reading

Patricia Arquette’s Oscar Speech: Wage Equality for Women

Patricia Arquette’s Oscar Speech: Wage Equality and equal rights for Women Continue reading

No More Virginity Tests for HS Girls in Indonesia…Finally

No More Virginity Tests for HS Girls in Indonesia…Finally Continue reading

Best 2015 Super Bowl Ad: #Run Like a Girl

Best 2015 Super Bowl Ad: #Run Like a Girl — an ad produced by Always that shows how “you run like a girl” is insulting to girls and damages their self esteem. Continue reading

French Feminists Place “Sexist Toy” Warnings on Children’s Toys

French Feminists place sexist toy warnings on kids’ toys Continue reading

5 Empowering Christmas Gifts for Girls

5 Empowering Christmas Gifts for Girls…cannot be found in the stores. Continue reading

5 Books To Be Thankful For

As Thanksgiving Day approaches, I am thankful for a lot things: my husband, my children, my job, and my friends. But one thing I am always — every day — grateful for is books. Continue reading

A Funny Look at Gender (In)Equality in the Workplace

The following is a video called Gender Schmender, written and directed by Kristie Palmer “In an effort to increase awareness about Gender Equality in the workplace.” Continue reading

How Sharia Laws Punish Raped Women Did you like this? Share it:

Sexy Halloween Costumes Based on Gender

This is my favorite clip on the John Stewart Show, especially as comedienne Kristen Schaal relates the irony in women’s costumes, which just keep on getting sexier and sexier every year. Watch this! The Daily Show Get More: Daily Show … Continue reading

Why Female Education Matters

An informative infographic that shows why women’s education matters. Continue reading

Extraordinary Women Leaders throughout History

A gorgeous educational infographic that details the leadership of women in history, politics, science, technology, and philanthropy. Continue reading

A Sticky Situation: Are Boys Held To The Same Standard As Girls When It Comes To Sexting?

Amy Williams addresses the issue of sexting and young girls in an article titled A Sticky Situation: Are Boys Held To The Same Standard As Girls When It Comes To Sexting? Continue reading

Cat-Calls and Sexual Harassment: What Men are Really Saying about Themselves

This is a great video put together by men — not women — to show the internal dialogue that takes place when men get together and sexually harass women on the streets. It has a lot to do with their … Continue reading

Do Home Economics and Feminism Go Together? Ask Ellen Swallow Richards.

Do Home Economics and Feminism Go Together? Ask Ellen Swallow Richards. Continue reading

Research Shows We Need Women in Engineering

AAUW’s post on why we need women in Engineering! Did you like this? Share it:

Hobby Lobby News

Articles on Hobby Lobby’s attack on women’s reproductive rights. Continue reading

Don’t Act Like a Man: Sexual Violence and Tony Porter’s Message to Men

Today I introduced the need for Women’s Studies to my college students, and I showed them a few videos and articles with men discussing the need for feminism. I wanted to show my students that men are also fighting for … Continue reading

Mozambique Law:Rapists Avoid Persecution by Marrying their Victims

Sign Amnesty International’s petition to prevent new law that will release rapists from persecution by allowing them to marry the girls they raped. Continue reading

“He’s Not The Sun”: Christina Yang and Barbara Walters’ Last Message to Women

christina yang

Sandra Oh’s Christina Yang leaves a parting message of empowerment for all women: “He is not the sun; you are” Continue reading

How Beauty Pressure Attacks Girls

The onslaught of beauty pressure on girls Continue reading

6 New Year’s Resolutions for Writers


As I prepare for the New Year and the time I will spend in Charlotte for my MFA Residency, I am thinking about the role that writing plays in my life. I consider the fact that as much as I … Continue reading

Best 2013 Posts for Empowering Girls and Women

Best 2013 posts published on Empowering Girls and Women. Continue reading

5 Gifts a Feminist Wants for Christmas

Image by

Empowering Girls and Women discusses what a feminist really wants for Christmas. Continue reading

3 Ways to Be Proactive About Personal Safety

Image by

The following is a guest post by NMERCER(@NMERCERMusic). NMERCER is a singer, rapper, and songwriter who lives in the racial and economic powder keg South Central, California. Her latest release, Crossroads EP, is now available from her website. After writing … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Day Thanks to Women’s Sites

image from

When I think about this blog and what it’s supposed to encapsulate, I think about women and power. This Thanksgiving Day, I want to take the time to thank all the women’s sites I have come across since I started … Continue reading

Louis C.K.’s Observation:Men are Women’s #1 Threat

Louis C.K. observes that women have a lot of courage when agreeing to go on a date with a man, because men are women’s number one threat. Continue reading

Empowering Girls and Women:Top 100 Women’s Empowerment Websites 2013

Marina DelVecchio’s Empowering Girls and Women blog nominated one of the top 100 websites for women’s empowerment Continue reading

India’s Message to Raped Women: “It’s Your Fault”

Bollywood actress Kalki Koechlin produces a video that satirizes India’s sexist attitude towards raped women. Continue reading

‘Cinder Edna’ vs. Cinderella: A Children’s Book Review


A book review of Ellen Jackson’s ‘Cinder Edna,” which gives little girls a real heroine to emulate as it debunks the powers of fairy tale princesses. Continue reading

Empowering Girls and Women Weekly Links

Empowering Girls and Women shares links to articles and blog posts focused on gender, sexism, and stereotypes. Link to Marinagraphy if you write about these topics. Continue reading

Empowering Girls and Women Link Exchange

Link exchange

Exchange your links for empowerment of girls and women Continue reading

Nigerian Senate Making Under-Age Marriage a Law

child not bride

Sign petition against Nigerian law in which girls under eighteen can be married. Continue reading

Women Changing for Men

Empowering Girls and Women shows a movie from the 50s that outlines how young women can get the guy. The key is to self-sacrifice and containment. Continue reading

Are Single Women Discriminated Against at Work?

Image by

Guest writer Richard McMunn discusses discrimination in the work place for single women. Continue reading

Elected Female World Leaders:Where’s the US?

Empowering Girls and Women shows the female leaders of various patriarchal countries, pointing out the failure of the US to follow suit. Continue reading

Cyber Bullying Girls and Women


Marinagraphy discusses how men attack girls and women who posit a strong online presence for female empowerment and feminism Continue reading

Cervical Cancer

Guest post on Cervical Cancer symptoms and treatment. Continue reading

Invisible Women

Invisible Women

So here is an image that has the exact number of women being killed in our country by men they share lives with. And they say there is no war on women…. Yeah, right! Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2013 Marina DelVecchioDid you like this? Share it:

Demand Military’s Zero Tolerance for Female Soldier Rapes

CREDO petition that demands zero tolerance for military rapes of female soldiers Continue reading

Violent and Sexist Portrayal of Women in Advertising

Violent and Sexist Portrayal of Women in Advertising Continue reading

post | Comments Off on Violent and Sexist Portrayal of Women in Advertising May 13, 2013

Martha Nussbaum and Her Mother

Martha Nussbaum on her childhood and parents Continue reading

post | Comments Off on Martha Nussbaum and Her Mother May 9, 2013

Rape in the Military


Rape in the Military Continue reading

Paycheck Fairness Act

paycheck fairness act

While the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 ensures that employees can file a suit for gender discrimination based on the initial unfair paycheck issued by her employer, the Paycheck Fairness Act is designed to counter the “factor other … Continue reading

Women’s Role in the Wage Gap

Image from

Women’s contribution to the wage g Continue reading

Female Power in Zero Dark Thirty


Kathryn Bigelow directs Zero Dark Thirty’s female protagonist as strong, determined, and brilliant. Continue reading

Rape is Like a Football Game

antirape rally

Empowering Girls and Women discusses UNC- Chapel Hill’s Rape is like a football game statement. Continue reading

Congress Passed Violence Against Women Act

violence against women act

This is a letter sent to me by the Polaris Project, an anti-human trafficking site that I follow and support. The Violence against Women Act has passed and is on its way to be signed by President Obama. Under this … Continue reading

V-Day: Join the One Billion Rising to End Violence against Women

Empowering Girls and Women invites you to join One Billion Rising and She Writes to organize towards an end to violence against women on this Valentine’s Day, 2013. Continue reading

Book Cover Controversy Over Plath’s The Bell Jar

The new cover for The Bell Jar

Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar, which chronicles a young woman’s mental decline and based on Plath’s own emotional breakdown when she was young, has reached its 50th anniversary. As a birthday present, its publisher Faber has assigned a new cover, … Continue reading

Super Bowl and Sex Trafficking

Empowering Girls and Women discusses the superbowl and how it advocates sexism and sex trafficking while securing millions of cash. Continue reading

No Girls in Youth Football?

girls football

Sign Petition to allow girls to play youth football if that is what they want to do. Continue reading

Book For Girls: I Want to be a Cowgirl


Empowering Girls and Women recommends a children’s book for girls by Jeanne Willis c Continue reading

6 Empowering Resolutions for 2013

new years resolutions

Marina DelVecchio makes a few suggestions about setting goals — not resolutions — with which to empower yourselves in 2013. The key is to feed yourselves! Continue reading

Top 5 Feminist Books Women Must Read

feminist books

Empowering Girls and Women recommends the 5 top feminist books you can share with women in your lives. Continue reading

Empowering Christmas Gifts for Girls

Empowering Girls and Women makes a Christmas list of empowering dolls and toys for girls this season. Continue reading

Putting Pressure on Advertisers that Objectify Girls and Women

The following post is written by and republished here with the permission of Erin Mcneill, who runs a fabulous site called Marketing, Media, and Childhood. If there’s one thing that can make my head explode, it’s when companies rationalize the … Continue reading

SeeJane.Org: An Inspiration to Girls Everywhere

Every mom, dad, girl, and young woman out there should pass along this great message from, part of the Geena Davis Institute on Gender and Media, which explores the fact that young girls are exposed to 7 hours of … Continue reading

Top 100 Women in Ecommerce

The following YouTube video lists the top 100 women in ecommerce featured in WE Magazine for Women. Thank you to all of them for their ambition, dedication, and for providing our young girls with positive and real role models who … Continue reading

Intimate Partner Violence and Rape Statistics

Image from NOW: National Organization of Women

  Intimate partner violence is the newest term for domestic violence. How do we define intimate partner violence? According to Michele McKeon, “intimate partner violence is a pattern of coercive tactics used to maintain power and control over an intimate partner.”  Some … Continue reading

Sexism in the Workforce

This is an interesting interview that examines how far women have really come in terms of equality. Yes, we have come a long way, but we still need to go further to be considered equal members of society. Some solutions … Continue reading

Hysteria and the Beauty Myth

beauty myth

How the beauty myth derails women’s efforts at empowerment Continue reading

Disney and Barney’s Sexy Version of Minnie Mouse


Stop Barneys and Walt Disney World from altering the image of Minnie Mouse to a tall and size 0 version, which fosters an impossible body image for little girls. Sign this petition at Continue reading

Are you a Feminist?

Identifying as a feminist is not a popular choice among men and women today. Most people think that feminism has done as much as it can possibly do, and is now over; others think that it has failed women and … Continue reading

Women in Technology Rising

Here’s a very cool and informative infographic that the special individuals from MBAOnline, an online mag for MBA students, recently shared with me. The information they share on their site is equally relevant to women and the number of them … Continue reading

Gloria Steinem : Feminist Icon

I just came across a few clips of Gloria Steinem that I thought you would find interesting. In this clip, she is being interviewed by Rebecca Jarvis, who discusses with her a new documentary that is being prepared called “Gloria … Continue reading

Barack Obama Meets Pimp with a Limp

president Obama

Marinagraphy questions why Barack feels “humbled” to interview with a man who calls himself “Pimp,” advocating not only a culture of music centered on female objectification, but also a culture that applauds men’s identification with pimps, the lowest forms of humanity. Read more here… Continue reading

Agent Query Rejections

query rejections

Marina DelVecchio writes about her experiences with querying literary agents and receiving rejections. She writes, “But today they are looking for different words: an audience, marketable, credentials, publishing history, a platform. And I am trying to appease.” Read more here… Continue reading

Kelly Clarkson and My Dark Side

Image from

Kelly Clarkson is one of my favorite artists. I find her work, at times, heart-wrenching because she writes from this place I seem to understand. I spent this past summer listening to her new album, and when I heard the … Continue reading

U.S. Women’s Volleyball Champions Pose Naked

Image from via Google Images

Marina DelVecchio discusses the objectification and disempowerment that is associated with U.S. Women’s Volleyball Champs stripping naked for ESPN Magazine. Continue reading

5 Things Not to Do When an Agent Calls

literary agents

5 Things Not to Do When an Agent Calls Continue reading

Marinagraphy Listed in Top 100 Blogs for Empowering Women

I just found out that Marinagraphy was listed as one of the top 100 women’s empowerment blogs of 2012 by The Institute of the Psychology of Eating. This is a feat, and I am happy to have received this honor. … Continue reading

Virginia Woolf and A Room Of [My] Own

virginia woolf

Marina DelVecchio shows how she has taken the advice of Vriginai Woolf and taken on a job, making her own money, using her own wits, and establishing a room of her own in which this independence can occur. Continue reading

Bloomberg’s War on Moms


Mayor Bloomberg showed his usurpation of power and lack of common sense when he banned soda for the good of the people. Today he bans baby formula from new moms, forcing them to breastfeed. What’s next? Is he going to … Continue reading

Sexism in Rushdie’s The Enchantress of Florence

enchantress of florence

In a recent review of Salman Rushdie’s latest novel, The Enchantress of Florence for Her Circle Ezine, I discussed the ways with which Rushdie defines women in his work. This was the first time that I read any of his books, … Continue reading

PlayMoolah:Teaching Kids About Money

App developers, Min Xuan Lee and Audrey Tan

Friday’s Feature: Today’s featured women include Min Xuan Lee and Audrey Tan, who have recently launched PlayMoolah, an app that teaches children how to manage their money. And they’re women! I recently came to know about them and about this app … Continue reading

How Turning 40 Changed Me

turning forty Continue reading

Books Kids Should Be Reading

kids reading

This is written by Noami Esterly, who divides her time between managing a house of three boys (her husband and two kids), volunteering in her community center and writing freelance for 1800Wheelchair.Com. In her guest post below she recommends great books kids … Continue reading

Infidelity in Kate Chopin’s “The Storm” and “Sex and the City”

kate chopin

This post explores infidelity in Kate Chopin’s “The Storm” and “Sex and the City” Continue reading

Oral Health For Women

Image from

There are of course numerous differences between women and men with regard to health and the body. For example, men and women build muscle differently, age differently, store fat differently, etc. One aspect of bodily health that at least seems … Continue reading

Liberating the Writer Within

Image from

I’d like to talk about the ways writers, including myself, feel overpowered and oppressed, which deters us from doing what we want to do and love doing: writing. Every week I go to the gym and spend an hour at … Continue reading

How Ernest Hemingway Became a Writer

paris wife

Using ‘The Paris Wife,” this post examines how Ernest Hemingway became a successful writer. Continue reading

Stephen King’s Advice on Writing

A few weeks ago, I posted an article on Stephen King’s On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft, and focused on the tools of writing that every writer needs to have in his toolbox. This week, I am concentrating on the third part … Continue reading

Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey

fifty shades

This post shows how the childhood trauma experienced by Christian Grey redeems the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, in spite of its weak heroine and trite writing. Continue reading

post | Comments Off on Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey June 19, 2012

Annie Lennox Defends Feminism

annie lennox

Annie Lennox has some comments to make about feminism — it should be celebrated. Continue reading

How to Create Unforgettable Characters

writing advice

Advice from famous writers about how to creat characters that are unforgettable. Continue reading

Stephen King’s and a Writer’s Toolbox


Based on Stephen King’s memoir on writing, this post clarifies the 6 essential tools a writer must have in his/her toolbox. Continue reading

8th Grader’s Petition against Seventeen Magazine

There is a petition that a young ballet dancer began against Seventeen magazine for portraying unrealistic images of girls, which pressures young girls to try to fulfill. Continue reading

Elizabeth Gilbert’s Advice on Writing


‘Eat, Pray, Love’s’ author Elizabeth Gilbert gives some sound and realistic advice on writing as a craft and a career. Continue reading

Book Review:Seven Brave Women

Image by Goodreads

A book review of a children’s book by Betsy Hearnes titled ‘Seven Brave Women.” This is a wonderful exploration of the women in Hearnes’ family, showing their bravery, strength, and empowerment while living during major wars in American History. Continue reading

Marge Piercy’s “The Ordinary Gauntlet”


An analysis of “The Ordinary Gauntlet,” and how Marge Piercy portrays the male gaze as a violent act and a violation of women. Continue reading

Dancing with Confidence

self confidence

How young women today can maintain a healthy sense of self. Continue reading

Sex, Violence, and Prostitution

Image by Herizons

Feminist and Law Professor Catharine A. MacKinnon, discusses sexuality and pornography as socially constructed forms of oppression that degrade women. Continue reading

Disney’s Mothers on Mother’s Day 2012

A collection of clips that portray the love and devotion of mothers in some of our beloved Disney tales. Continue reading

5 Best Quotes on Writing


From Stephen King to Anton Chekhov, here are 5 excellent quotes for writers on writing. Continue reading

Glee and Domestic Abuse

Glee’s recent episode takes a keen look at domestic violence through music Continue reading

National Princess Week, Oh My!


A compiled list of the conversation on the recent marketing technique enforced by Disney towards little girls. Can it get any worse? Continue reading

How to Succeed When You’ve Been Given Nothing

in plain sight2

Using “In Plain Sight” as a starter, this post discusses how we endeavor to succeed in life — to prove ourselves — even though no one told us we could. Continue reading

Plastic Surgery and your Self Confidence

An article about the connection between self-confidence and breast implants. Continue reading

Buffalo Girls: 8-Year-Old Muay Thai Fighters

8-year-old girls fight professionally so they can feed their families in Thailand. Continue reading

Celebrating Judith Butler and Her Work on Gender

judith butler

Celebrating Judith Butler whose work focuses on gender identity. Continue reading

Liberal and Radical Feminist:Which One Are You?

feminsm is...

While reading about the differences between liberal and radical feminism for my Women’s Studies course, I was doing so with a hungry appetite because I would like to know where I fit in. I was defined as a “cultural” feminist … Continue reading

Maxim’s “How to Cure a Feminist”


Maxim’s 2003 article focuses on how men can use tricks to cure women of their feminist ideals — and get them to shave and wear red lipstick. Continue reading

Femen Protest Ukraine Gang Rape

Image from The Woshington Post by Efram Lukatsky

Femen, a topless women’s group in Ukraine, protest the police handling of a gang-rape and attempted murder of an 18-year-old girl by three young men in their early twenties, who were released from jail without bail shortly after their assaults on this girl. Continue reading

Bride Trafficking with Laura Barry

Just this weekend I was engrossed in a documentary called “Bride Trafficking Unveiled,” written and directed by Laura Barry, who travels to Thailand to ask why young women volunteer as mail order brides via the internet. For the Western men, … Continue reading

Women Building Bombers in WWII

A historic documentary from 1943 that shows women building bombers for WWII. Continue reading

Top Ten Suffragists

Top ten women that contributed to our right to vote back when they had no voice in public spheres like politics. Continue reading

Women in the World

Features the Women in the World section of the Daily Beast with excellent videos from the summit featuring great female leaders throughout the world and the challenges they face as women in leadership positions. Continue reading

State Rape: Politicizing Women’s Bodies

Check this video out on the potential harm Personhood amendment will have on women and their bodies if it passes. Continue reading

Shadya: Muslim Feminist and Karate World Champion

Shadya, a 17 year old Karate World Champion who lives in Israel — a role model for all women and young girls Continue reading

Celebrating Women’s History Month

womens history month

Celebrating March as Women’s History Month, which is centered on education and empowerment Continue reading

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Movie on Working Mothers

how she does it

Sarah Jessica Parker’s “I Don’t Know How She Does It” makes an interesting commentary on working mothers. Continue reading

Best Colleges for Women in STEM fields

featuring an article on the best colleges for women in STEM fields. Continue reading

How to Choose After School Activities for your Child

Image by

This guest blogger offers some suggestions in finding the right after-school activities for you children. Continue reading

The Importance of Fighting Back


The following article discusses the importance of self defense for women, and provides steps one can take to defend herself. Continue reading

Girls, Science, and Potential

TEDxWomen video of 3 award winners in Google Science Fair Continue reading

Super Bowl and Sex Trafficking

sex trafficking

A round up of articles on Sex trafficking during this year’s super Bowl in Indianapolis Continue reading

Girls, Math, and Science

mom and girl reading

a list of toys and games that empower girls Continue reading

Misrepresentation of Women in Media

Misrepresentation of Women in Media Continue reading

A Nairobi Girl’s Life

Molly records what her life is like in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. Continue reading

Investing in Girls and Women

Image from

An infographic that shows why we should all be investing in the future of women and girls. Continue reading

Over-protectiveness: Is it good or bad for your child?

Image by

This guest blogger discusses the disadvantages of being over-protective parents. Continue reading

Women’s Mixed Martial Arts

A video that highlights the toughest and strongest female fighters in MMA Continue reading

Girls Want Superheroes, Too

Little Girl on YouTube goes off on toy stores and how they pinkify and girlify girls’ toys, which lack the existence of superheroes for girls. Continue reading

Force LEGO to Stop Selling Sexist Toys to Girls

kitchen lego

Sign petition to stop LEGO from selling sexist toys to girls Continue reading

How LEGO Loses Girls


A roundup of discussion on LEGO’s “girly” version of lego toys, which restricts girls’ view of themselves and their potential Continue reading

Google’s Top 2011 Searches

Google’s Top 2011 Searches Continue reading

post | Comments Off on Google’s Top 2011 Searches January 1, 2012

New Year’s Resolutions for Women

Image from

8 New Year’s Resolutions that will empower women and give them self-confidence and inner strength Continue reading

Geena Davis and Exposing Kids to Positive Media Images of Girls

geena davis

Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media works to change the way women are represented in the media, as they have a negative impact on the self-esteem of girls. Continue reading

Moms vs. Santa

How new Best Buy commercials show moms competing with Santa for best presents. Continue reading

How Giving Girls Journals Benefits their Self-Esteem


How Giving Girls Journals Benefits their Self-Esteem Continue reading

How Media Teaches Objectification of Girls


How our children are inundated with negative and sexual images of women and girls through advertising — and how this attitude is becoming normal. Continue reading

5 Top Working Mom Links

Since getting a full-time job teaching at the college, I feel stressed and overworked and more underpaid than I was when adjuncting, writing, and parenting. Now my work — in the office and at home — have doubled, and I … Continue reading

Women’s News Roundup: Rape, OWS, Bride Trafficking, and Facebook

Stop rape

Women’s News Roundup: Links to news about bride trafficking in India, Rape at Occupy Wall Street, Jane Austen’s “murder,” and Rape Jokes on Facebook. Continue reading

Bethany Hamilton: Sassy Surfer

Celebrates Bethany Hamilton’s courage in teaching herself to surf and compete even after a shark took her arm. Continue reading

10 Ways to Empower and Support Your Daughter


10 Ways to Empower and Support Your Daughter Continue reading

Girl Power 101

Volleyball’s Hard hitter, Jade Hayes is a role model for all little gi Continue reading

post | Comments Off on Girl Power 101 October 29, 2011

Village Voice Makes Money off Child Prostitution

Sign petition to stop Village Voice media from sex trafficking Continue reading

Breast implants, Really?

image from

How the suicide rates for women who get breast impants have risen. Continue reading

Sex Trafficking in Film

Taken Poster

Marina DelVecchio writes about the movie ‘Taken,’ as inspiration for a discussion on how sex-trafficking is viewed as a “business” that fulfills the needs of supply and demand. Continue reading

post | Comments Off on Sex Trafficking in Film October 17, 2011

Polaris Project, Sex Trafficking, and TVPRA

Urge representatives to include the language of H.R. 2730, Strengthening the Child Welfare Response to Trafficking Act into the 2011 TVPRA during the mark up session.

Continue reading

Saudi Women and their Voting Rights

Saudi women get to vote in 2015. Continue reading

Act Against Sexist “Allergic to Algebra” Merchandise for Girls

Take action against merchandise that limits girls’ attitudes toward their bodies and potential. Continue reading

Why Aren’t You a Feminist?

Explores various definitions of feminism and asks women why they would not consider themselves feminists. Continue reading

When Cinderella Eats Self-Esteem

How Disney Princesses contribute to poor self-image and low self-esteem in our girls. Continue reading

Botox for Girls

Botox for little girls is increasing, to the detriment of our girls’ self-image. Continue reading

Not Another Playboy Club

Karen Wojcik Berner, author of “Whisper to a Scream,” a series about the lives of the members of a suburban classics book club, offers her views on the new NBC show “The Play Boy Club” and what it really means to live the life of a Playboy Bunny. Continue reading

Amy Siskind, Fox News, and Sarah Palin Running in 2012

TNA’s Amy Siskind on Fox News, discussing possible Sarah Palin run in 2012, and why she just might be the kid of leader we need. Continue reading

Gloria Steinem on HBO

Gloria Steinem: In Her Own Words — an HBO special that addresses the question, “What do you want the future of feminism to look like?” Continue reading

The Price of Motherhood: Devaluing Women

Ann Cittenden discusses the devaluing of women’s work in raising the family Continue reading

Beautiful Girls and Makeup

Statistics on how much money girls between the ages of 8-12 spend on makeup and who’s really at fault. Continue reading

Celebrating Muay Thai Fighter Gina Carano

Celebrating Muay Thai Fighter, Gina Carano, and tough and determined winner in a male-dominated sport. Continue reading

Turning Forty: A Woman in Decades

Turning forty is about learning and embracing those lessons. Continue reading

Revenue of Disney Princess Products

How Disney profits have skyrocketed with the sales of Princess products at the cost of our girls’ self-esteem Continue reading

How Verizon Silences the Mother

How Verizon’s new commercial silences the mother in her purchases Continue reading

How Women Can Protect Themselves and Their Homes

How women can protect themselves and their homes by investing in a home security system Continue reading

Survival Skills Based on Gender in Larry Crowne and Bridesmaids

How films like Larry Crowne and Bridesmaids portray men as strong and women as vapid and emotional. Continue reading

Corrective Rape in South Africa

Male gangs in South Africa feel they have a right to “cure” women of their lesbian tendencies. 500,000 rapes occur yearly in South Africa. Continue reading

Support Caylee’s Law

Petition on supports new law to ensure no other missing children suffer the unjust fate of Caylee Anthony. Continue reading

Sassy First Lady: Betty Ford

Sassy First Lady: Betty Ford Continue reading

Conservative Social Agendas are Taking Away Women’s Rights

Stand Up For Your Rights

Conservative Social Agendas are Taking Away Women’s Rights Continue reading

10 Tips on Encouraging Your Children to Get Organized

How to help your children get organized Continue reading

Sassy Mariah Reed: Xtreme Cage Fighter

Mariah Reed, 17-year-old College Student trains with men to be the next xtreme cage fighter. Continue reading

Celebrating Geena Davis and Her Work for Girls

Celebrating Geena Davis for establishing an organization aimed at portraying strong female characters in the media, in sports, and in the world. Continue reading

SlutWalk: Act of Empowerment or Costume Party

How the SlutWalk is not an empowering march for any woman. Continue reading

Sassy Fight Club Girls

The Girls on Film take on Fight Club for girls Continue reading

Healthy MEdia Stands Up for Girls Self Image

Healthy MEdia Stands Up for Girls Self Image by encouraging advertisers to consult psychologists Continue reading

Gender Identity in Music Videos

How music videos teach men to treat women as sexual objects and the passive recipients of male aggression Continue reading

Girls and Effects of Rape in Alice Hoffman’s ‘The Story Sisters’

How Alice Hoffman draws a realistic portrait of a raped girl forced to rely on her own resources in dealing with her rape because her parents are blind to the signs Continue reading

Fathers and Daughters: A Powerful Relationship

On this Father’s Day, instead of writing about my father or my husband as a father, which I have already done, I wanted to expose you to three great YouTube Videos I came across on the important relationship between father … Continue reading

Sassy Girls in Soccer: Elizabeth Lambert

Elizabeth Lambert: Sassy Soccer Player who demonstrates that women can be tough, rough, and aggressive. Continue reading

Molly Barker and the Girl Box

Celebrating Molly Barker and her Resistance to the Girl Box by creating Girls on the Run, a foundation striving to empower the physical and mental health of young girls between the ages of 8-12. Continue reading

5 Best Tweets on Empowering Girls and Women

5 Best Tweets on Empowering Girls and Women Continue reading

Is your Daughter Safe at Work?

Are your daughters prepared for sexual harassment on their first jobs? Continue reading

Sassy Women Boxing

Thomas Edison Company’s 1901 clip of the Gordon sisters boxing it out in the ring. Continue reading

Tired of Weinergate? Why Not Run?

Anthony Weiner, Philandering Governors, and why more women should run for political office. Continue reading

Girls on the Run for Empowerment

Girls on the Run International is more than just a running program — it empowers girls between the ages of 8-12. Continue reading

Celebrating Danica McKellar: Encouraging Girls in Math

The Wonder Years’ Danica McKellar earns degree in Mathematics and writes books that encourage girls in math Continue reading

Resisting Motherhood in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Motherhood is not every woman’s objective. Continue reading

Stereotypes are Affecting Girls’ SAT and AP Scores in STEM Fields

Although girls have high grades in math courses, their lack of confidence deters them from doing as well in standardized exams. See the reasons why. Continue reading

Support the Alleged Rape Victim of Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Sign petition started by International Feminists to support the alleged rape victim of Dominique Strauss-Kahn — another case in which the rapist is offered support and the victim is castigated. Continue reading

Short Skirts and Inappropriate Gender Messages in Tide Commercial

How the Tide Commercial sends negative messages about sexualized and pacified versions of femininity. Continue reading

Celebrating Katie Goodman

Katie Goodman’s video on how we are all responsible for the waywardness of our world today. Continue reading

The Role of Mentoring for Women

The value of women mentoring Younger women in their fields, especially in politics, corporate venues, and wall street. Continue reading

Wednesday’s Woman: Aphra Behn

A Pioneer of Her time, Aphra Behn gave voice and sexual identity to women in her work and in life Continue reading

Sex Education a la American Idol

How American Idol contradicts its family show ideal by bringing on salacious guest stars. Continue reading

NC Woman Losing Custody of Her Children Because She Has Cancer

Stop NC Courts from Taking kids away from Cancer Mom Continue reading

Girls, Sports, and Nike Ads for Empowerment

How recent Nike ads venture to present the strong and empowered side of girls and women. Continue reading

The Truth About Mothers

How all mothers are women with their own problems and dreams and needs, which often coincide with motherhood. Continue reading

Mothers, and Need Vs. Want

How, in mothers, you get what you need and not necessarily what you think you need or want. Continue reading

From Little Girl to Business Woman

Verizon’s newest commercial with Susie’s lemonade stand shows positive reinforcement of little girls achieving big — Good job, Verizon. Continue reading

Girl Power in ‘Sucker Punch’, ‘Hanna’, and ‘Winter’s Bone’

How representations of female characters in film are often eroticized to suit the needs of men. Continue reading

Lessons of Motherhood

If you could go back to before you had your first child, what would you say to yourself about mothering/parenting? Continue reading

Women ‘Mentor Up’ with The New Agenda

The New Agenda, an organization devoted to giving women a voice in the world, will host its annual event on May 18th in New York City at the Rubin Museum of Art. This year’s event and campaign message focus squarely of mentoring. Continue reading

Women in Refrigerators:Tropes of Violence against Women

Gail Simone and her list of comic book heroines who face death or savage abuses in order to give male hero purpose Continue reading

Pimps Branding Sex Trafficked Victims

How Pimps are now branding girls via tattoo parlors to show possession of the girls they traffic illegally and against their will — sign the petition that will prevent tatooists from branding them Continue reading

What’s Wrong with Real Women?

How media contributes to the negative self-image of young girls and women through their sexist representations of women. Continue reading

Pop Culture, Self Image, and Girls

How gender and beauty are social constructs and what this means for young girls Continue reading

Redefining Dora: From Explorer to Princess

How Dora is changing from Explorer to Princess, and what this means for our little girls Continue reading

How to Turn Creativity and Imagination On

Highlights the ‘Imagine it Project’ vimeo that inspires dreams, creativity, and imagination for all ages. Continue reading

Media, Misogyny, and Dead Women

How the media portray women in parts, dehumanized, objectified, and how it contributes to violence against women Continue reading

Kanye West’s ‘Monster’ and Misogyny

How Kanye West’s ‘Monster’ misogynistic video represents women as fragmented corpses for the pleasure of men Continue reading

How Blogging Benefits Writers

4 Ways Blogging Benefits Writers Continue reading

How Disney Teaches Gender Roles

Old-fashioned stereotypes perpetuated by Disney movies affect how our boys and girls see themselves and their potential. Continue reading

Bill Maher, Misogyny, and Petitioning His Exit

Sign the petition to oust Bill Maher for his sexist and vulgar comments towards women Continue reading

How to Get Your Kids to Love Reading

Effective strategies to increase love of literacy in your kids Continue reading

Are You Prejudiced?

Take the Harvard created “Implicit Association Test” (IAT)to see if you are prejudiced. Continue reading

Equal Rights Amendment Expiring

ERA bill and taking action to eliminate its expiration Continue reading

Gang Rape and Power

Addresses how victims of rape are blamed as if rape is an assault stemming from desire Continue reading

Dating Violence:Love is Not Abuse

Parents of dating violence victim trying to pass 2009 Bill that will create a dating violence curriculum in schools. Continue reading

Book Review: ‘The House’ by Anjuelle Floyd

Book Review of Anjuelle Floyd’s ‘The House,’ which centers on family dynamics dealing with infidelity, traumas, divorce, marriage, and forgiveness. Continue reading

Youth Sports Vs. Martial Arts

Five reasons Martial Arts are better for your kids than youth sports Continue reading

Gang Rape Victim Blamed in NYT Article has a petition to make NYT apologize for article that blames girl for her gang rape. Continue reading

March for Women

Today is March 8 — the 100th International Women\’s Day and the web is full of amazing sites focused on creating awareness of women\’s achievements worldwide. Continue reading

International Women’s Day

March 8 marks the 100th international celebration of women, which is being honored in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, and other countries all over the world. Continue reading

Celebrating Amy Siskind and The New Agenda

Celebrating Amy Siskind of the New Agenda, whose organization class for a new vision for the empowerment of women and young girls Continue reading

White House’s 2011 Report on Women in America

First report since 1963 shows improvement in lives of women.
Continue reading

How to Be a Good/Bad Wife

Compares the busy modern wife to the 50s expectations of the good wife Continue reading

Wonder Woman and Female Representations in Comics

Help raise money for documentary on Wonder Women and images of female heroes in Comic books Continue reading

Images of Women and Jean Kilbourne

Jean Kilbourne’s video on how women are presented in advertising Continue reading

It’s My Body, and I Won’t Shave Unless I Want To

I hate shaving. But society tells me that I am repulsive to the visual senses of humanity if my female body is strewn with naturally grown hair. I was treated with repulsion as early as twelve from a group of … Continue reading

She Write(rs) Blog Hop

She Writes Blog Hop Continue reading

Rape in the US Military

military women

A class-action law-suit filed against the Pentagon this past week by military women who were raped by men they knew in their unit. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Activism

Suggests that money spent for Valentine’s Day be used instead to support efforts of sex trafficking organizations Continue reading

Sex Trafficking: A National Problem

Sex Trafficking Info Organization produces two videos on the sex trafficking problem that plagues Oklahoma Continue reading

Unnatural Women in Anne Sexton’s ‘Her Kind’

Anne Sexton’s representations of woman and conformity in ‘Her Kind’ Continue reading

Top Ten Sexist Super Bowl Commercials

Top Ten Sexist Super Bowl Commercials Continue reading

Sexism and Teen Girls

A video produced by The New Agenda that shows how sexism on television affects young girls Continue reading

Boycotting Television, Commercials, and Cable

One woman decides to cancel Cable TV because of gratuitous images of sex, violence, gender stereotypes, and misogyny. Continue reading

Friday’s Feature: Girl W/ Pen

featuring Girl W/Pen, created by writer Deborah Siegel, PhD Continue reading

Celebrating Jennifer Newsom and Miss Representation

Celebrating Jennifer Siebel Newsom — bringing social awareness to sexism running amock with women as its targe Continue reading

Queens of Cook-Stove Thrones and Female Potential

Gilman’s admonishes young brides who seemingly become Queens of their homes, but evidently become servants of their husbands, children, and society, thus limiting their potential for greatness. Continue reading

Self-Defense for Women, Lisbeth Salander Style

How women can defend themselves against sexual attacks using the skills of Stieg Larsson’s Lisbeth Salander Continue reading

Advertising Stereotypes of Women

Youtube video that shows how Advertising represents old Stereotypes of Women as domestic Continue reading

Seven Lessons Women Can Learn from Gregory House, MD

Gregory House, MD and Lessons women can learn from him about empowerment Continue reading

Feminism and Equal Pay

This article discusses feminism and how women make less than men when employed in the same fields Continue reading

Sexism in Disney Films

How Disney Movies define boys as violent and dominant Continue reading

Beauty and Raising Girls

How the words we use to describe our girls affect their self-esteem Continue reading

How a Feminist is Born

How a girl draws on the strength and empowerment of feminism to flee violent childhood Continue reading

Seven Empowering New Year’s Resolutions for Women

Hello everyone! Happy New Year! I’ve just written an article and it was published on The New Agenda’s Blog. It stresses the need for women to look past their appearances and focus more on their intellect and physical strengths. Check … Continue reading

Promote Your Blog

Friday is all about YOU! Marinagraphy wants to host and promote you. Tell us about you, your blog, and your agenda. Have you written a book? Tell us all about it and provide a link so we can purchase it. … Continue reading

Sexism in the Media

Thursday’s Gender Thoughts: Take a look at this video posted by the Women’s Media Center. It shows how media representatives, specifically male news anchors, talk about women as nagging wives, cleavage possessors, castrating, and so forth. Not only is this … Continue reading

Book Review: ‘Shiva’s Arms’ by Cheryl Snell

For Wednesday’s Woman, Marinagraphy celebrates all women: we are the heartbeat, the core of all existence. And what better example to demonstrate this than with a book review about Cheryl Snell’s compelling novel Shiva’s Arms — a portrayal of women … Continue reading

Ten New Year’s Resolutions Towards Self-Empowerment

I consider myself to be a pretty empowered woman; after all, I survived an intensely precarious childhood without becoming too damaged, and I did it quite on my own. One of the reasons I turned out OK is that I … Continue reading

Girls, Lack of Education, and Poverty

Thursday’s Gender Thoughts: A great YouTube video that provides some honest facts about how lack of education and poverty affects young women, and how the solution lies in the potential of 12-year-old girls. This is created by The Girl Effect:The … Continue reading

Rape, Power, and Adrienne Rich

Tuesday’s Teacher is Adrienne Rich via her poem “Rape,” originally published in a collection of poems titled Diving into the Wreck (1971-72). Rape Adrienne Rich There is a cop who is both prowler and father: he comes from your block, … Continue reading

God, Adoption, and Birthmarks

The first time I learned about God, I was in first grade in an elementary school in Athens, Greece. One of the fondest and most positive experiences of my childhood, I recall the day my teacher introduced us to the … Continue reading

Fred, Christmas Cash, and Child Consumerism

Thursday’s Media Thoughts: Fred and Christmas Cash With close to 14 million hits on just this one YouTube, Fred’s “Christmas Cash” has become a phenomenon. I’m not sure how I feel about this kid and all the fame he has … Continue reading

Celebrating C. Delores Tucker, Anti-Rap Activist

Wednesday’s Woman: C. Delores Tucker Today I would like to celebrate the late C. Delores Tucker for her contributions to civil rights and a strong opposition to the denigration of women. Tucker marched for Civil Rights with Martin Luther King, was the first black  Secretaty … Continue reading

post | Comments Off on Celebrating C. Delores Tucker, Anti-Rap Activist December 15, 2010

Five Ways Parents Can Instill Confidence in Their Daughters from a Young Age

Tuesday’s Teacher: Today’s teacher is Suzy Sheradon, Editor of, who has been gracious enough to provide Marinagraphy with a Guest Post on how to empower our girls. Suzy has been writing about pregnancy and parenting for years. Her website … Continue reading

Ten Empowering Christmas Gifts for Girls

This post has been syndicated by at When shopping for my kids this year, I was amazed at the kids’ aisles of toys. It’s the same thing: boys’ toys are all about building, creating, battling, teaching assertiveness and … Continue reading

The New Agenda, Sexualization of Little Girls, and Ending Sexism

Friday’s FemFacts: Please watch this video by The New Agenda’s founder Amy Siskind. It’s a chilling clip that begins with images of little girls dancing provocatively on a live show, followed by how our political female leaders are targeted and … Continue reading

post | Comments Off on The New Agenda, Sexualization of Little Girls, and Ending Sexism December 10, 2010

Children as Consumers

Thursday’s Gender Thoughts: This is a fabulous video called “Consuming Kids,” the second of seven videos dedicated to showing how advertisements “consume” kids by marketing towards them and turning them into mindless consumers. The industry that markets with kids in … Continue reading

Marriage and Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Tuesday’s Teacher: Charlotte Perkins Gilman Wedded Bliss “O come and be my mate!” said the Eagle to the Hen; “I love to soar, but then I want my mate to rest Forever in the nest!” Said the Hen, “I cannot … Continue reading

Santa Doesn’t Live Here Anymore: How Santa’s Wish List Teaches Consumerism

This post has been syndicated by BlogHer: It’s that time, again. Christmas time. It’s the time of the year when other parents and kids start introducing my children to the proverbial Santa’s gift list. Of course, my kids don’t know … Continue reading

Women and PhD’s in Science and Engineering

Friday’s FemFacts: The number of women earning PhD’s in Science and Engineering is rising — slowly — but at least it’s rising. According to a survey conducted by the National Science Foundation in November 2009, The number of female S&E … Continue reading

Gender, Toys, and Messages They Send

Thursday’s Gender Thoughts: Another great post by Anita Sarkesian from Feminist Frequency, who creates video blogs on gender as it is presented in the media. She does an amazing job comparing toys for boys and girls and listing for each … Continue reading

Toys, Gender, and Sexism

Tuesday’s Teacher: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal — Source of this cartoon This is just an advertisement, you say. It doesn’t mean anything. I have complete control over my children’s self-esteem, and my daughters are just as independent as my sons, … Continue reading

The Disney Princess Fallacy

Disney’s Princesses are not empowering our little girls, but teaching them to wait until a man comes along before they discover themselves through their own adventures Continue reading

Love and Savagery with Margaret Atwood

Tuesday’s Teaching Memo: You Fit Into Me by Margaret Atwood You fit into me like a hook into an eye a fish hook an open eye In this short poem, Atwood addresses the brutal savagery of love, sex, and relationships. … Continue reading

Sex Appeal Vs. Intelligence

The images of women that surround me in movies, TV shows, literature, and even those that I know, that breathe and sneeze beside me, predominate and astound me, reminding me that we still have a long way to go. The … Continue reading

6 Writers Who Saved My Life at BlogHer

Recently, I posted an essay on “6 Writers Who Saved My Life,” and it has been syndicated by BlogHer. Please go to to read and comment on it. Thank you! Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2010 Marina DelVecchioDid you like this? Share it:

Feminist Stats on Rape

Friday’s Feminist Fact: 17.6 % of women in the United States have survived a completed or attempted rape. Of these, 21.6% were younger than age 12 when they were first raped, and 32.4% were between the ages of 12 and … Continue reading

Women, Power, and Feminism

Thursday’s Gender, Sexism, and the Media: Kendra Urdang’s Slam Poetry on Men Who Don’t Call themselves Feminists In this YouTube video, Kendra Urdang addresses the men that don’t call themselves feminists; the men that don’t speak up for women when … Continue reading

Female Power and Voice in Emily Dickinson

Tuesday’s Teaching Memo: My Life Had Stood a Loaded Gun by Emily Dickinson My Life had stood – a Loaded Gun – In Corners – till a Day The Owner passed – identified – And carried Me away – And … Continue reading

6 Writers Who Saved My Life

During a job interview a few years back, the Chair of the English department asked, Why English? I didn’t have to think of the answer. Literature saved my childhood. It filled my loneliness and the many silences I tolerated as a … Continue reading

Equal Rights Amendment

Friday’s Feminist Facts: Feminist Dolls sound clip Feminist sound clips Feminists still hope to pass the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), which would guarantee protection under the law. The ERA has been before every session of the U.S. Congress since 1982 … Continue reading

Media and Sexism

Thursday is Media and Sexism Day: I found the following YouTube clip by Anita Sarkeesian that deconstructs a few sexist commercials called “Retro Sexism and Uber Ironic Advertising.” It is a very educational and enlightening clip that shows you some … Continue reading

Tyler Perry’s ‘For Colored Girls’: A Voice for Black Women

Wednesday’s Woman: Celebrating Tyler Perry Every Wednesday, I like to find a woman to celebrate; a woman who has accomplished great feats in life, and of whom society has lost sight. Tyler Perry is no woman, but since he has … Continue reading

Barbie Dolls and Women

Tuesday’s Teaching Memo: Barbie Doll by Marge Piercy This girlchild was born as usual and presented dolls that did pee-pee and miniature GE stoves and irons and wee lipsticks the color of cherry candy. Then in the magic of puberty, … Continue reading

Dealing with School Bullies

Dealing with Bullies by Marina DelVecchio I was just talking with my son’s friend, a nine-year-old little girl, and she was telling me about this boy in her class that not only bullies them, but also hurts them physically. A few … Continue reading

Gender Stereotypes in the Media

Gender Stereotypes in the Media: This video is a satire from BBC’s comedy series called “That Mitchell and Webb Look.” As funny as it is, it exemplifies the way women are told on a daily basis that there is something … Continue reading

Elizabeth Cady Stanton and The Declaration of Sentiments

Celebrating Wednesday’s Woman: Elizabeth Cady Stanton Each semester I teach Elizabeth Cady Stanton‘s “The Declaration of Sentiments” along with Thomas Jefferson’s “The Declaration of Independence,” and I ask my students how effective it was for a woman to take a … Continue reading

Maya Angelou and Phenomenal Women

Tuesday Teaching Memo: Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou Click on this link to hear Angelou recite the poem herself: Pretty women wonder where my secret lies I’m not cute or built to suit a fashion model’s size But when I … Continue reading

GQ, Glee and Sexism

Main Monday Musing:Since GQ published its cover spread on the three main Glee actors/singers, public reaction has lashed out in torrents, but not for the right reasons. I’ve been reading a few of the articles and they all read the … Continue reading

Funny Fat Men and Their Hot Wives

Gender in the Media on Thursday: Ever notice those comedy shows on TV? You know the ones. There’s a funny guy, a comedian, a guy’s guy. And he’s so funny that they give him his own show. But…he’s not much … Continue reading

Celebrate a Woman: Penny Tweedy Chenery

A review of Secretariat’s Penny Tweedy Chenery, a devoted mother and wife who saves her father’s farm and horses without anyone’s aid. Continue reading

Female Potential and Marge Piercy


Tuesday Teaching Memo: “A Work of Artifice” by Marge Piercy A Work of Artifice The bonsai tree in the attractive pot could have grown eighty feet tall on the side of a mountain till split by lightning. But a gardener carefully … Continue reading

It’s All About You Friday:

Marinagraphy wants to host and promote you. Tell us about you, your blog, and your agenda. It’s all about you today, so share your links, your thoughts, your giveaways, and your objectives in writing. And as I always tell my … Continue reading

Media and Gender Stereotypes

Thursday is Deconstructing Gender Stereotypes on Marinagraphy: Discovered on YouTube and put together by Anne Forney for an Education Course, this is a primary example of gendered stereotypes and how the media upholds them by infusing our homes with them. … Continue reading

Norma Hotaling:Sex-Trafficking Advocate

Wednesday is Celebrate a Woman Day on Marinagraphy: Today, I would like to introduce the Founder of  the SAGE Project (Standing Against Global Exploitation), Norma Hotaling. A former homeless and sexually expoited woman, the late Norma Hotaling spent twenty-five years … Continue reading

Daughters and Weldon Kees

Teaching Tuesday Memo: Each semester, I teach Weldon Kees‘ poem “For My Daughter” to my literature class. This year, however, perhaps because my daughter is three and I am becoming increasingly aware of  the degenerate roles girls assume in our … Continue reading

Final Clubs and Sexism in “The Social Network”

Last week I wrote a piece about Mark Zuckerberg’s motives in creating Facebook called Facebook: A Love Story. Aside from the fact that “The Social Network” depicted a touching story of a young man who lacked the necessary skills for … Continue reading

Facebook: A Love Story

How Mark Zuckerburg’s ‘The Social Network’ movie is inspired by a love story Continue reading


Celebrating Women Wednesdays: This video was put together by the young ladies who write for, a magazine for teens by teens. Although the video is about the numbers and stats involved in the sex-trafficking of young girls in Atlanta, … Continue reading