Advertising Stereotypes of Women

Thursday’s Thoughts on Gender/Sexism: Today’s stereotypes of women

The commercials from the 50’s are no different from the commercials aired today — in the present — during the day, reminding women and their children where women belong: in the home, baking, cleaning, mopping, baking and cooking, diapering, mommying, and looking sexy and good while we’re at it. There’s nothing we need more than big boxes of consumerism telling us that we haven’t changed, we haven’t progressed, and even though we get higher degrees than our husbands, our roles continue to perpetuate old societal norms of domesticity — it is our job to care for husbands and kids — it is our inherent right to clean up after their daily and continual messes. Chop, chop, women! By serving the needs of your loved ones, you are serving your own needs. And if you don’t think these commercials affect the way our little girls view themselves — you’re wrong. Flashing daily in our homes, these commercials define femininity for them — it’s what all girls should be doing when they become women. Let’s all turn off commercials — or boycott products until they change their targets/ their messages.

What about you? What are you doing to dispel the messages your kids are receiving regarding gender?

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Marina is a writer who focuses her work on the need for female empowerment. She writes articles, books, and blogs centered on female experiences related to motherhood, female agency, feminism, and building positive images for young girls and women. She currently teaches Literature, Writing, and Women's Studies on the College level.

7 Responses to Advertising Stereotypes of Women

  1. Lyn says:

    Thank you for illustrating just how we all feel- and have been feeling for years about our image. Corporations think it is okay to objectify and model us after these stereotypes. That is so wrong, I stand by your boycotting.

  2. Nandan says:

    If u stop portraying them in this roles and only in the roles of a professional than your kids will have only those images in their mind of femininity And the remaining social system in the world will also collapse which of course stands due to woman’s. Because then there would be no role at all defined for anyone. Anyways its quite debatable and it depends on what you think is right and wrong.

    But cheers to all woman’s who are still holding both sides of their life’s or being full time mummy to their child and women to their family quite a difficult task.

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  6. Andrea says:

    It’s all very true what you say in this article…….Andrea

  7. Ulla Skov says:

    I like your article, but what’s going on with the last image in the video?!

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