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Friday is all about YOU!

Marinagraphy wants to host and promote you. Tell us about you, your blog, and your agenda.

Have you written a book? Tell us all about it and provide a link so we can purchase it.

It’s all about you today, so share your links, your thoughts, your giveaways, and your objectives in writing.

And as I always tell my students when they post their work on Blackboard, take the time to read at least three people’s works, follow the links they provide, and leave a comment.

In the meantime, take a look at this video, which points out some interesting new tactics with which to increase traffic to your web site.

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About Marinagraphy

Marina is a writer who focuses her work on the need for female empowerment. She writes articles, books, and blogs centered on female experiences related to motherhood, female agency, feminism, and building positive images for young girls and women. She currently teaches Literature, Writing, and Women's Studies on the College level.

6 Responses to Promote Your Blog

  1. Woman says:

    Hello!!! I’ve been flipping through this blog for a few minutes at the request of a friend suggesting that I submit to you my blog. My blog is a sex positive blog, where I discuss that sex and masturbation is not perfect and sometimes… slip ups are at times made. As well as guides to buying sex toys and products. Where women have the same urges as any man. Plus being a single Canadian woman living in China, adventures and findings.

  2. Beth says:

    Hi, my name is Beth Sage-Owens and I am new to blogging. I have been writing ‘zines for a couple of decades now, and have started a chapbook series titled, “WomanHeart’s Little Book of Poetry, Prose and Prayers”. Up to Volume 2 now! In my writings I seek to inspire women in being the creative, intuitive, magical beings that they are. It’s all a journey, we are all becoming:)

  3. Following you through MBC and would appreciate the follow back & constructive criticism of my blog at

  4. Summer says:

    I just came across this blog and love it. 🙂 Gotta love blogs that combine feminism and motherhood. My blog isn’t anything special, just personal blasts about motherhood after divorce and depression.

    • Summer, that is not “nothing special.” You’re creating a space for discussions issues that are relevant to all women who deal with depression and divorce — and that affects a great number of our sex. Good job! Thanks for visiting.

  5. Hi Marina,
    My Friend Glenda promoted this post on Facebook so here I am. I am a work at home mom of triplet boys who loves to help other small business owners and work at home parents. My blog offers resources, success stories and work at home opportunities and advertising. With my online network, we also offer resources and tips at our twitter parties and online vendor parties.
    I look forward to meeting new bloggers.

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